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is closed for the 2023 season


Thank you for your support for the past 3 years.



Growing GREEN fields in a green ENVIRONMENT


"Life depends on rain and six inches of topsoil."

Life @Haven Valley

I said I would keep this post real and it is but that involves the successes and the struggles of a beginning small farmer. 

To all of Haven Valley's Customers and supporters. We would not have made it without you this year. Whether it was purchasing our products or helping out at the farm or both. You are the reason for the farm. Naturally grown and chemical free produce. 

April 2022

The 2022 season has been underway although from looking outside you would not know it. Ordering materials, getting ready to use our new Paperpot transplanter system, seed selections for '22. Finishing our installation of the cab on our small tractor. We are starting transplants this weekend. Due to not having a high tunnel yet and some other demands we skipped some of the early transplants. 

This will be our first season at the farm with onsite water, a barn and our home. Yay, no more commuting. We love growing great tasting veggies for our customers. Last summer I had someone take a cantaloupe and return about 45 mins later for a second one. That's why we do this. I want you to have the veggies I remember as a child. Fresh off the farm and naturally grown. I try to grow as many heirloom varieties as I can. Although they are not as productive and disease resistant as the new varieties, the taste cannot be beat. I am growing hybrids to satisfy customer demand for size and shape, for example tomatoes that do not crack as easy on the top or show green spots. We just cut that off but it seems consumers don't see them the same way now. So we grow for you! 

For those southerners who know, I plan to offer speckled grits. Ok, I will sell to us yankees also :}. We have been buying them from a small mill in Georgia and decided to try making our own. They are just a quantum leap in better over the finely ground partial kernel grits sold in the stores. 

The new growing season is a joy, overwhelming, exciting and like that proverbial box of chocolates Forest Gump talked about, you never know what you're going to get with a growing season. We look forward to being able to give our customers the kind of product that will make you return for more. 



Grown by Nature

Harvested by

Haven Valley

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